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Exporting Your Commodities

Relocating to another country? Shopping in the USA and need assistance with exporting your goods from the USA to your home? Too busy and need personalized service with shipping reservations? 

Of course, we have the solution. We are the can doers. As your USA agent, we will shop and negotiate the best shipping rates for your commodity's. Once you have selected your rate quote and shipping options, we will secure the rate and book your shipping reservations. 

We will discuss with you the schedule, date, and time that your commodity's will be picked up, and coordinate your shipment and details with the freight forwarder. Our attention to details and follows up from day one until your commodity's deliver to your port of destination will assure you a relaxing stress-free process.

When exporting, timing is everything. Documentation on certain commodities will be requested from you. When shipping a vehicle of any type (motorized), the original vehicle title, original bill of sale, and or original sales order will be requested. It is very important that we receive the requested documentation for ownership verification and for the US customs clearance process. After US customs clearance, the original documents and the shipping documents such as the "bill of lading and insurance certificate" will be mailed to you via a courier service. When picking up your exported Vehicle at the final destination, you will be requested by customs in that particular country to show the original documents. 

Your cargo can be picked up anywhere in the US. Freight forwarders have warehouses in all major US cities and also provides packing and crating if required.

We book shipments for many cargo types, via ocean and air freight. Available shipping options are export Containers, and via RO-RO (Roll On-Roll Off) in which commodity is loaded inside the vessel. Cargo of many types and sizes can be exported, such as vehicles, large equipment, household goods (HHG) and personal effects (PE).