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Notary Public ~ Alabama State at Large

Legalization, Apostille Authentication, Certification, Attestation Business Services, LLC. We provide professional Notary and Business Services to Montgomery, Alabama, surrounding counties, and internationally. We are a privately-owned business and we are not employed or governed by the 

state of Alabama. Alabama Notary Services is licensed, certified, bonded, insured, and background 

screened. Please note, we do not process notary applications. Contact your local probate office for 

their application and process.

              Our Specialty Service:

  • Legal Support Service - Witness Document Signatures, Witness Real Estate Signings/Closings, 
  • Document Legalisation - Authentication, Apostille, Certification, Attestation


              Document Authentication Service - Pass Through Entities: 

  • Alabama Secretary of State  
  • Department of State 
  • Embassy Legalisation 


                           . Please note we also provide authentication service in additional states .

~ alabama notary public ~

The Notary's term of office is four years and is applicable state-wide. He/She is an officer of the state of Alabama and is appointed by the Probate Judge of their county. 

As the name implies, a Notary Public is a public officer located in the community so that he or she may be of service to the public. 

Our laws consider certain instruments of such importance that they must be signed by the maker in the presence of a public officer. 

The Notary Public is not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.

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